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With over fifteen years experience in his previous role at BRW – the most internationally recognized Italian production company during the 80s and the 90s – Michele Anzalone founded SOME OF US in 1997 which has now grown to become one of the most acknowledged production service companies within the global market. Michele’s knowledge has proven crucial while producing films of the highest quality and minimizing costs. Notable credits (see our films below here) would add to testament.

Having shot literally almost anywhere in the world during his thirty year career, Michele soon realized that Italy on its own would encapsulate an immense diversity of wonderful locations sufficient to satisfy anybody’s requests. For this reason he assembled the ‘best of Italy’ both in terms of human resources, libraries and technical equipment so as to serve la crème de la crème of international production aiming to film monuments and cities, as well as stupendous landscapes and breath-taking sceneries.

Our production crews are highly professional, tightly bonded and multi-lingual; above all more than capable and happy to help in every situation via quick and pinpoint response. Being flexible, accurate and effective are their personal marks of distinction. SOME OF US know how to make you feel at ease from beginning to end of the production process, from budgeting and research to the most challenging times during the shoot. We trust we’ll make you feel at home!

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Let us provide you with a few answers below…

1 – Italy boosts no equal in the world in terms of diversity of locations. Not just what you’d call an “interested opinion” but in fact an objective view we will prove at a glance.

2 – Here are some examples for your benefit: the highest mountains in Europe (the Alps), glaciers, rolling hills and valleys, rocky and sandy beaches (9.000 km of coastline), traditional and commercial harbors, rivers, plateaus, rich (Tuscan) countryside, beautiful woods, picturesque lakes, active and dormant volcanoes, vineyards and olive vines, wheat fields, rice fields, national parks where wildlife rules and even small deserts. Not to mention islands of very different shape and sizes, as culturally rich as Sicily and Sardinia, or as “precious” as Capri.

– Due to Italy’s relatively small dimension, all locations are easily reachable within a reasonable timeframe. Remarkable changes of scenery in the space of only a few kilometers offer the chance to shoot a variety of locations within the same day.

4 – Italian “zest for life” provides you with a plethora of different looks and characters.

5 – Italy is also renowned for one of the best climates in Europe. Thanks to its latitude and the sea to the east, south and west, along with the protection of the Alps, it’d enjoy a particularly favorable microclimate that often makes our fellow neighbors green with envy!

6 – Italy has developed a wide range of period buildings: Alpine houses made from stone and wood, farmhouses, Palladio villas, colorful homes of the fishing villages of Liguria, peaceful country homes in Tuscany, the “masserie” in the south, the stylish “palazzi” throughout the nation as well as the most contemporary skyscrapers of Milan and Turin.

7 – As reported by UNESCO and the majority of History of Art books Italy is the cradle to a vast majority of the world’s treasures. Notable examples include the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain and the Pieta’ by Michelangelo in Rome, the Uffizi, the David of Donatello and the Michelangelo cupola in Florence, Saint Mark’s Square and all other uncountable beauties in Venice, the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘La Scala’ and the Duomo (Cathedral) in Milan, the arena of Verona, the Segesta temples in Sicily, the ruins of Pompei to name just a few.

8 – “The ITALIAN LIFESTYLE” is mainly exemplified by Food, Fashion & Design.

9 – Food is more than just food in Italy. Home to some of the best wines such as the Brunello, Sassicaia, Chianti, Barolo, Barbera and many others, very fine cheeses, along with delicious white truffles. Many locations are directly linked to specific “specialities”, so that almost anywhere it is actually possible to find local street markets of all types and sizes, alongside restaurants and ‘trattorias’ serving regional cuisine.

10 – Italy is also the country of Fashion offering luxury landmarks such as via Montenapoleone in Milan, the colorful via Condotti in Rome, and the various shows portraying the most famous stylists in the world.

11 – Design: just consider brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Vespa and so on…

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